Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Inventions that shaped the decade (2000-2010)

The power of Google – There isn’t a day when you utter the word ‘Google’. The word is synonymous with internet search and a leader in fashioning other inventions during the decade. We love Google, and the obvious reason, is relevancy of results it yields. Thanks to brain share of thousands of engineers who have written the algorithm on which Google runs. Google has some competition, but as marketers know that first entrants have an advantage is true in this case. I have tried on ’Bing’ and few other innovative search gizmos like ‘Wolfram alpha’, and they are equally amazing in the results they yield. But, Google stands like no one. The availability of open source development tools, office document management tools, Picasa, Orkut, Blogspot etc. makes Google a leader on Internet space.

The birth of social networking and knowledge sharing – I won’t explain everything about this, as you are well aware of it. The birth of Wikipedia (2001), MySpace (2003), Facebook (2004), YouTube (2005), Twitter (2006) and many other termed under the version Web 2.0 has changed the interaction pattern in the world in this decade.

The rise of Apple – The great iPod, like Google, is one of the best inventions in last 100 years. The simplistic controls, the product design and usability are remarkable. The iPod ushered an era of shift of MP3 from your computer hard disk to this little device. The Apple has done real progress in this decade. The iPod, iPhone, iMac and several variant of these products have taken some space in every household.

The game console to gesture control – At the end of the decade the game console will soon be a bygone thing. Now you will be able to play games using your hand gestures. Do read Project Natal and gesture control technology articles on this blog.

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  1. The exponential growth of Open Source and cloud Comuting (nxt big thing)deservs a mention buddy!!