Saturday, December 12, 2009

Copenhagen Meet Sucks – Try these ideas for energy conservation

by Himanshu Kapoor

Deferred viewing of television: A 30 minute telecast on television has 3 commercial breaks of 5 minutes each. If we filter out these 15 minutes from viewing, then we are reducing carbon and heat emissions in the atmosphere. So whenever, there is a commercial break, lift your remote control and switch off your television for next 5 minutes. This will save electricity, reduce heat and carbon emission and finally save you from lies telecasted by marketers on television.

Coasting: City roads have flyovers and bridges at intersections; try coasting whenever going down a flyover or a bridge. Coasting means that you put your gear handle on neutral mode and let the vehicle travel down using potential energy gained at height. The coasting will help you travel 200 metres more after descend due to momentum gained through height. This way you will travel 300-350 metres without spending a drop of gasoline. Try this. It is a good way to save fuel and reduce emissions.

Optimize your mobile phone: Set the backlight of your LCD screen to minimum. Tone down your ring tone. Try auto switch off from midnight to early morning (6-7 hours). This will reduce battery consumption of your mobile. The same mobile that needed charging everyday will now work for three days. Try it. It works.

Reduce your dependence on technology: God has given you legs for walking. Stop using elevator for climbing 4-5 floors. A single use of elevator for 5 floors uses enough electricity to power 2 ceiling fans for a day. Walk up the stairs. This will make your thighs strong and reduce fat on your tummy.

Single trip, multiple tasks: Make a list of tasks for whole week. This may include shopping for grocery, medicines, visit to bank etc. Then on weekend, take a single trip on your car and complete all the tasks in one go. This will eliminate the need of multiple visits, thus saving on your time, fuel, energy and emissions.

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