Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ways to collaborate

By Himanshu Kapoor

Following the post on Institutions vs. Collaboration by Clay Shirky, this post briefly discusses the way collaboration projects work

Collaboration through Community – Here, anybody in a community can raise concern to a problem and community members work on a solution that can be implemented. For example: a village community collaborates to build a road to connect with a highway. Such collaboration projects benefits everybody in an equal measure. Software communities like Linux or several other open source projects work in similar fashion.

Collaboration Circle – A select group in an organization define the problem and works on the solution. For example: a group within Apple Inc. working to create a new iMac or some other innovative product.

Consortium – It is a joint effort from participants from diverse organizations, but similar industry to work out a solution to a given problem. For example: participants from various companies in a steel manufacturer’s consortium working o reducing inefficiencies in production process.

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